Protect your family


I'd like to protect my family

Sometimes life doesn't go the way we planned. Nobody likes to think anything will happen to them, but if it did, could you forgive yourself if those you love the most were not financially protected?

Could you afford to meet your living expenses, mortgage repayments and school fees if your income stopped?

What if you suffered a life threatening illness? How would this affect your lifestyle both now and importantly, into the future?

Our team are highly experienced in navigating the various personal insurance policies available and can explain your options in simple to understand terms.


Life insurance

It can be hard to think about, let alone talk about.

Life insurance is about ensuring your family has a safety net in the event you were to pass away unexpectedly. Many people have good intentions of taking out life insurance, but never have the time or know where to start so continually put it on the 'to do' list. We can help work out the right level of cover for you taking into account your personal circumstances including your mortgage, car and credit card repayments, school fees and other life expenses.



If you became ill or incapacitated from an injury you may be forced to leave the workforce permanently.

On top of your mortgage, car and credit card repayments you could be faced with mounting ongoing medical bills in addition to your normal living expenses.

Much like life insurance, total and permanent disability insurance (TPD) provides financial stability for you and your family in the event you are unable to return to work. We can help work out the best level of cover for your and your family's lifestyle.



Accidents and illness are a fact of life. However if you suffer a major illness you could be faced with a long road of rehabilitation and recuperation. The last thing you need while recovering is the stress of worrying about family finances let alone the potential for significant medical expenses. 

Should you be diagnosed with or suffer from a list of specific injuries and illnesses (such as heart attack, cancer or stroke) trauma insurance can provide a lump sum payment to provide financial support for:

• repayment of mortgage or other large debts
• unexpected medical costs
• lifestyle changes as a result of the injury or illness
• professional care at home

We can provide you with a range of trauma insurance options to best suit your circumstances and desired level of cover.

Income protection

Whether you’re single or have a family to look after, your ability to earn an income is one of your most important assets. If you were suddenly injured or became ill and couldn’t earn an income, how could you or your family continue to maintain your lifestyle?  Could you, or your partner continue to meet your mortgage repayments? How would you cover ongoing bills or your children’s school fees?

Income protection cover is a way of ensuring that if you weren't able to work due to illness or injury (even for a short period of time) that you have an income that can help protect your lifestyle. You can then focus on getting well without additional financial or emotional strain.

We can provide you with income protection options that are right for you, including things like benefit amounts, waiting periods and the most appropriate benefit payment period for your situation.


Weigh up your options with no obligations

The team at CK Financial Services can meet with you to discuss your personal circumstances and identify your protection needs. We use our years of expertise and industry knowledge to source the best solution for your personal circumstances. We know which insurers offer better premiums and benefits for your occupation or age group, along with which insurers have proven track records of paying out claims on time and those that have sustainable premiums (so you don't get any nasty surprises). 


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