Retirement planning

What does retirement mean for you?

Retirement means different things for different people, so we take a personalised approach to meet your unique requirements (there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution).

We sit down with you to help prioritise your lifestyle and financial goals. A simple conversation is quite often enough for you to gain an understanding of where to start.

We take the time to understand the type of lifestyle you want in retirement. Any advice and plans we put in place are all focussed on helping you achieve your retirement goal, making the process easy to understand and worthwhile.

Most importantly our ongoing services are all focussed around ensuring you remain on track as the years go by and your retirement date approaches.

At what age do you want to retire? What age are you now? Will your superannuation be enough to support your desired lifestyle?

Take the first step and start a conversation with us.  


The more time you give yourself to plan for your retirement, the easier it is to achieve the lifestyle you desire.

The sooner we understand what type of retirement you want to achieve, the sooner we can create a plan which puts you on the right path to making it a reality.

It's never too early to set your goals and it's never too late to improve your circumstances.

We plan for your longevity, which could require a major redirection of your financial approach or a simple adjustment to ensure you have the appropriate structures in place. 

The team at CK Financial Services can help you to identify any potential shortfalls in your existing situation and put you on a better path to helping you achieve financial independence.


As part of any retirement plan we review your potential Centrelink age pension benefits. We then keep you up to date with the ever changing landscape that is Centrelink.

If you're missing out on a benefit which you could be eligible for, we'll help you to identify that. If you're not eligible, then we believe you've achieved a level of financial independence which is potentially far more satisfying.

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